Belly Project

When you talk about food, you inevitably talk about economics, politics, the environment, health and much more. This macro-perspective easily disconnects us from the close-by and personal matter that food actually is. Eating is one of the most intimate interventions with the world and how we relate to food also reflects how we relate to this outside world. 

That’s why I started to observe bellies. The belly is the centre of your body, where you were created and got your first food, where you feel your breath and where your food turns into energy. I analyzed how people relate to their belly in different ways. Some people worry about not having food and their empty belly, others have trouble in keeping their belly from becoming too full. 

This series of paintings represents different bellies and different people. They are translations of my observations and thoughts. I hope they make people think and talk about these differences, about how we deal with food, our body and the outside world. 

Please click on Paintings to see more painted bellies.

As a continuation on the belly paintings and the essay For sensitive skin, I did several experiments with ceramics and leather, translating the characteristics of the belly and skin into objects. It resulted in bowls, tableware and leatherware, all referring to the body by being thick or thin, hollow or filled, soft or hard. In their use and appearance, they can be used as tools for conversations.