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Here some things that are of great importance in my work and non work > like many of us I am a constant practitioner of the the art of living everyday life. As in every study it helps to peek at your fellow students which is why I love to observe the people around me, the places they live in and the things they do > I like letters, especially when they are on the street trying to sell something: döner kebab and Vietnamese spring rolls usually go along with spectacular fonts. Letters are great to read and to write and to draw > another thing I like to draw is the human body: source of infinite inspiration and transformation, medium of expression, manifestation of the mind and vehicle for interaction and motion > now and then I need to move to the music – whether it’s Fela Kuti or Frank Ocean: never miss a chance to dance > dancing is one of those universal languages that allow us to look at the world based on the things we share. Eating is another one > I recently graduated at Design Academy Eindhovenwhere I did several projects on the subject of food, which I am very interested in since food is always something between people > in art school I was asked to give a reason for my love for ultramarine – I never found a good answer but it’s still my favourite blue. 

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